Friday, January 18, 2008

The New Year

I swear to god I just blinked my eye and the holidays were done and gone. I love the holidays, but this year was such a blur. Why does it seem I never have enough time to accomplish all the things that I intend to? Worse yet, why don't I make it HAPPEN?!

True really had a good time in December. First it was a trip to Green Bay Wisconisn, where Grandpa Erbeck put a snow shovel in his hand and had him helping to clear the sidewalks. The kid picked up the task fast and refused to give up the shovel. When it was time to go inside, I'm told True threw one of his best temper tantrums (he's particularly skilled at these).

Uncle Lincoln, Heather, Roberta, Aaron and myself met up with our good friends, James and Kristin for some fun times at the ice skating rink. Although the rink was small, the Erbeck boys ruled the ice. I had no idea Aaron could skate! Here I was with my own skates, my own skating dress, all ready to show off. Turns out Papa Bear and Uncle Bear could (and did) skate circles around me. True wasn't ready to ice skate just yet, so he hung out with Heather and danced to the looped Christmas music that drove the rest of us crazy.

Next on the holiday agenda was Jan and Peter's infamous Christmas Eve party. We love this tradition and True was in good form. The kid was pretty entertaining, but couldn't come close to Kate, Christopher and Maggie's super cute girl. Kate is a real charmer and True was completely enamoured. He likes the older ladies.

Christmas morning proved to be one of my favorite ever. True opened each package slowly, and cradled each new treasure while say "woooow" and "whhhhhoa". It's a whole new holiday as seen through his eyes. I loved it. Aaron made up a double batch of Norwegian pancakes and Lincoln, True and myself devoured them happily. After nap time we loaded up and headed to the Keelings for more presents, more wine, more fun. Much to our delight, it was SNOWING!!! In the 18 years I have lived here, I have never seen it snow on Christmas day. It really added to the magic. Did I mention that my husband showered me with beautiful gifts? Pretty things, warm things, things to read. I am so very fortunate. We returned to the house for Christmas dinner- pork roast (no, I did not eat, but was told it was good), spinach risotto and baked acorn squash. Roberta was with us and she brought cheese cake, chocolate and port. Oh the gluttony!

New Year's was as simple celebration at the Carlson/Hallit cabin on Hood Canal. The Keelings and the Erbecks. Never did you see such a ruckus game of Trivial Pursuit. We wondered if we would all make it to midnight but we did...except for the young and hearty Lincoln(oh and True was in bed at 9:00). He was in bed at 11:58 and there was nothing we could do about it! Maybe we shouldn't have started in with the beer at 2:00 on the ferry. We spent the next day just lazing around, enjoying the solitude and serenity of Hood Canal. In truth, I was anxious to get back to a normal life, a normal eating pattern and some good bike riding.

And so here we are... January. Wet and rainy and I'm already dreaming about mountain biking in the heat. About taking True to the wading pool at Greenlake. About riding over the North Cascades. About cold beer on the back porch.