Monday, February 13, 2017

a new era

worth documenting.

my older son sends me emails now.
he also does his projects/homework in google docs, then shares with me so i can print them.
the days of pens and stencils are gone gone gone.
and it's so awesome.

Friday, December 9, 2016

oh summer i miss you

i completely neglected to blog our annual north cascade trip this year....the end of summer was such a blur.  we had the stonich boys with us-  yes, four boys!  it turned out to be a ton of fun, and i really love herding a pack of boys.  they get along great and are so easy to work with.
the boys insisted on carrying hahn.  or maybe it was the other way around

preparing for the river float.  a must in the 90F weather!

oh luca.  you are hilarious

we went horseback riding!

we practiced the lasso technique.  not easy stuff

true had great form though!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

beckham meets star wars

it's almost christmas, but i'm still thinking about our epic halloween.  aaron is the kinda guy who is all or nothing....and this year, he was ALL.  halloween night, raining, cold, but that doesn't deter a guy who is all in.
in an hour of time...
fire pit on driveway built.
stereo moved to porch.
then the fire.
then the halloween themed music.
then a bowl of choice chocolates for trick-or-treaters (no cheap candy here! like i said, ALL IN)
then a cooler full of beer for parents of trick-or-treaters (remember the all in thing?)
then...true and luca took off,  without escort by an adult, to enjoy trick-or-treating (big moment for those guys!)
both kids came back early in order to hang out at the bonfire and help give out candy.  they surrendered, as always, Twizzlers to me (i love them), and fresh baked baguettes to dad (yes, our neighbor made seattle is that?!).  true proclaimed 2016 the "best halloween ever!"
*these pics actually from the day before halloween, at the thomson home.  big greenwood ave party!

a fighter pilot and a graham as chewbacca

luca knows how to pose, that is for sure

david beckham joins the group here

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

with gratitude

a trip to the dentist today....these always go well for the kids, with the dental hygienists arguing over who gets to work on true and luca.  today, they split the kids, and each hygienist had an erbeck.  one of them took me aside and said, "it's just so easy and such a pleasure to work on your children.  they are so kind, so agreeable, and always a pleasure. thank you for your hard parenting work".
proud? sure...but also, thankful.  guiding true and luca is a gift to my life.  seeing the world through their eyes has made be more patient, kind, tolerant.  i strive to be just like them every day.

when we arrive at school and it is after bell time, i am required to walk the kids into the office in order to get a pass to class.  we go into the office and a woman starts mercilessly teasing the kids saying now they're in trouble. she teases them for a bit and then  she turns to me, offers her hand, and says "thank you for having such fantastic boys.  i work on the playground and these two are always so kind to all the kids.  they are perfect role models and we really appreciate what they bring to our community.  they make our jobs easier."
after such an emotional week of great loss and sadness and losing my faith in humanity...i broke down into tears.
and now i feel....hope.  if my kids can be caring and loving, so can i.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


i was unlucky enough to chaperone the second graders on a class trip to MOHAI!  luca and 5 of his buddies were in my group and wow.  that's a lot of boy energy to corral!  the museum is full of interactive displays and lots of seattle history-  i will admit that i do not enjoy museums in general, but MOHAI kinda rocks!   we'll go back again, when we can take our time, and i can spend less time searching for missing second graders.
a gorgeous day!  its november and we're in short sleeves!

Raaaaaaineeeer Beeeerrrr

the kids thought this was funny.  plus it is has uncle lincoln's name on the truck!

Friday, October 28, 2016

jog-a-thon 2016

i was specifically asked to NOT jog along side either boy this year, unless requested (true and luca's mandate).  maybe it might have broke my heart just a little bit...but i get it.  i know where i'm no longer needed.
this was true's final jog-a-thon...and he did his best ever.  even after two shoelace tie stops!  45 laps is darn close to the school record of 50- and i do have to throw in that the time period was shortened from 20 mins to 18 the rate of 2.5 laps a minute, he'd be in line with a school record!
and luca...oh luca.  he did not look like he had any fun at all, but that kid set a pace and never let up.  he tied two other boys for lap leaders in the 2nd grade.  luca really knows how to suffer-  he just pushes through and never gives up.

is he 10 or 16?!  he looks so mature

perfect form....true is an amazing runner

this was the happiest i have ever seen true after finishing

he always stuck to running inside, knowing it would be an advantage

the kids made me take this. neither luca nor myself could figure out why

luca, elliot, lucca- 2nd grade lap leaders!

Monday, October 24, 2016

change of pace

kids woke on up on sunday and asked for a change of pace.  they didn't feel like racing....unusual, but i welcomed the idea of not loading up bikes, food, etc for an 8 hour day on the course.
instead, we decided to explore some areas that we always see, but from a different perspective.  it was amazing to me that i had never been on the trails that are only 4 miles from the house-  the only thing i didn't like was the lack of solitude.  i had to remind myself that i live in the city!
still, marsh and foster islands  were a nice change of pace.  thanks aaron for bringing us out here!
we usually ride our bikes over this bridge

walking under the montlake bridge for the very first time!

view of the UW shell house

lots of viewing spots from the trail